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Who the heck are we?

We are a sketch comedy troupe that started in 2013 by Joshua Thomas, Piper Hinson and Yuka Kadono, and we have made a vow to the individual deity/nothing we believe in that we will make the funniest* videos we can make and release them every other week!

*Funny is perspective, and it’s usually us trying to make ourselves laugh.

Enjoy the ride!

‘JUST GIGGLE IT’ is made up of: Piper Hinson, Joshua Thomas, Jesse McBride, Katie Mary Garland, Alex Poncio, Brianna Oppenheimer and Jayson Rahmlow.

Also, we often feature the wonderful talents of Liz Poncio, Saagar Shaikh, Jacqui Duncan, Ross Copeland, Courtney Coleman, and Mark Sipka.